Does the Universe Have a Purpose?

Neil Degrasse Tyson is my hero. Pretty much anyone who engages me in any sort of “big picture” conversation will eventually get a reference back to him, generally in the form of a YouTube video.

So I was having a conversation about the meaning of life (as one does when one should be working on one’s homework) and, as my brain often defaults to “does Neil Degrasse Tyson have anything worthwhile to say on this topic?” I ended up rewatching one of the newer ones, by Minute Physics.

And thus, a meeting topic was born. Because while I agree with the substance of what he says, there’s a step further I think we need to go. If the universe doesn’t have the stated purpose of making us, and supporting us, and being generally awesomely designed for us, then (it has been argued) there is no meaning in anything we do. I disagree.

So for this week’s meeting, I thought we could talk about creating purpose in life. If there is no external goal to existence – if we create all the terms and definitions – then what matters is up to us.

After all, in a sense, we are the universe.

It might also be vaguely possible that some of you don’t agree with Neil Degrasse Tyson (/clutches pearls), in which case (I suppoooose) we can debate that as well.


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